Iron ore makes its harmonious voyage from Darwin Port to Vietnam

Darwin Port is pleased to report 57,750 tonnes of iron ore left the Port on bulk vessel, The Harmony on Friday 29th July 2022.

Hoa Phat, trading as Northern Territory Iron Ore, commenced stockpiling at Darwin Port on 26th May 2022, when the first truck arrived with around 100 tonne of iron ore on board. 

Since then, there have been almost 580 truck movements from Roper Valley iron ore mine.

On 25th July the bulk vessel, The Harmony, arrived at Darwin Port and the load out commenced later that evening.

Darwin Port Acting CEO Peter Dummett said the bulk vessel, The Harmony commenced its load out on 25th July 2022 and will now make its seven-day voyage to the discharge port of Dung Quat in Vietnam.

“We’re really pleased to see Iron Ore moving through the Port,” he said. 

“We believe this will be the first of many exports of iron ore for Northern Territory Iron Ore, which is great for local industry, and Northern Australia generally.

“Darwin Port supports the growth of trade from the Territory and is excited to see Hoa Phat’s plans to export iron ore through the Port,” said Mr Dummett.

After its arrival in Vietnam, the Iron Ore will be unloaded and processed by Hoa Phat who are the largest steel producer in Vietnam.

This first iron ore shipment is stage one for the mine, which will see 300,000 tonnes of iron ore exported from Darwin Port before the end of 2022.

Stage two for Northern Territory Iron Ore is a recommencement of mining in 2023, with plans for delivery to Darwin Port by rail.

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